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  • My Same-Sex Parents, a Proud Secret My Same-Sex Parents, a Proud Secret

    It was 1989. I was 15, a junior at a public high school in Southern California and the newly appointed editor of my school newspaper. Our advisor challenged the staff with a call for public debates of controversial issues on our opinion pages.

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  • On Unreliable Narrators

    I have been thinking a lot about the idea of the “unreliable narrator” these days, and what it might mean for us ethnographers, careful raconteurs of others’ stories, intertwined as they are with our own

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  • Alternative Paths to Wellness, a Political Act with Winners and Losers

    Have you ever reached for a bottle of Echinacea to stave off a cold? Called on an acupuncturist as well as pain medications to manage lower back spasms? Consulted an herbalist, of the Chinese or American variety

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